L Law Act 102/2009 dated 10th September, under article 97 establishes the objectives for the relevant functioning of occupational health and safety services.

According to and under this article occupational health and safety services aims to:

  • Ensure working conditions that safeguard the safety and physical and mental health of workers;
  • Develop technical conditions that ensure the application of preventive measures defined under article 15;
  • Inform and train workers in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • Inform and consult the workers’ occupational safety and health representatives or, failing that, the workers themselves.

Additional Health Examinations:

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Machine Vision Test

  • Spirometry

  • Audiogram

  • Urinalysis

  • Blood Analysis

  • Drug Testing

  • Alcohol test

  • X-ray

  • Ultrasounds

  • Tuberculosis Screening

  • Others…

Types of Medical Examinations:

Before starting work or, upon the urgent need of hiring so warrants, within 15 days of having commenced to undertake job duties.

To be carried out annually for all workers under 18 and if over the age of 50, the remaining workers are to have medicals every two years.

Whenever there are substantial changes to the material components used for the work which may have harmful repercussions on the worker’s health, and when upon returning to work after an absence of more than 30 days due to illness or work accident.

Occupational Health

IIncreasingly, there is particular importance in promoting the health, safety and well-being of workers within the workplace as an increasing motivation factor and consequently, productivity. Its intervention becomes a priority, considering the workplace as a crucial place for the primary prevention of occupational risks.

It is in Ceniude – Medical Center, founded in 1993 and one of the first authorized occupational health providers in Portugal by the General Directorate of Health Services (authorization No. 021/2010, updated to No.12), that you will find a team of highly specialized professionals to provide support in and within the scope of Occupational Health Medicine.

Nowadays Occupational Health represents a vital role in the human capital strategy of all economic agents, being subscribed to by the general scientific community and by renown international organizations, such as  WHO and ILO at an International level.

The primary prevention of occupational hazards, creating healthy workplaces, protecting and promoting health, in addition to valuing individual and psychosocial factors and the access to occupational health services are Ceniude’s core objectives, these being based on the already well-defined factors by the World Health Organization, the Directorate General of Health Services and the Authority for Working Conditions amongst others.

Workers are the key players within the workplace, be it on Land, Sea or in the Air, their health, well-being and safety are extremely important within the fulfilment of their professional duties considering the surrounding environment.

Within the workplace there is a considerable number and diversity of health risk factors, which are traditionally classified according to their nature, physical, chemical and biological risk factors related to the job capable of causing changes to the Musculoskeletal System and psychosocial. Occupational Health Medicine and Occupational Safety jointly promote actions that envisage appropriate interventions in the workplace to minimize the risks in the professional groups involved. It is in this context that Ceniude considers it fundamental to have good knowledge of the workplace and the various tasks at hand, thus visiting the various workplaces being a crucial role.

The Medical Examination in occupational health medicine intends to evaluate not only general working conditions, but also the job duties undertaken, in order to identify the associated risks. These are the main concerns for the Occupational Health Physician, based on the worker’s health and well-being.

For us the health and the general well-being of workers is a priority, therefore, in the medical examinations we seek to inform/sensitize workers on healthy lifestyles, namely on the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, substance abuse and the importance of good sleep, hygiene, amongst others.

Workers are the key players in the workplace, be it on Land, Sea or in the Air, their health, well-being and safety are of extreme importance in the undertaking of their job, taking into account the surrounding environment.

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