Two Decades of Health Services

CCeniude, Ltd. is a medical centre that specialises in Occupational Health examinations, making their facilities available to its patients in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. We took on this adventure in January 1993.

Dr. Cabral Costa was Ceniude’s main founder and was one of the directors responsible for the Portuguese Society of Tank Ships Occupational Health Department. However, after starting his career in the Portuguese Navy, it was in Soponata that he acquired and deepened his knowledge in Health and Safety at work.

Upon his departure from Soponata Dr. Cabral Costa founded Ceniude – Centro de Apoio à Saúde, Ltd. Some months before, he had founded another clinic under the name Uniude – Health Support Unit, along with a team of doctors of various specialities. This second clinic was dedicated exclusively to the maritime sector with a strong focus on tankers, operating where today is the Parque das Nações, which was once a space occupied by large industrial infrastructures, namely the Petrogal refinery. As for Ceniude, it was dedicated to occupational health in other sectors.

Less than a decade later, for strategic reasons, Uniude was absorbed by the Ceniude – Health Care Center, which now covers all sectors of activity.

Despite the specialisation in Maritime Medical Examinations, it was through Occupational Health examinations provided to national companies that our course was set and the foundation of a company with more than 20 years’ experience has remained stable.

As a clinic, we were one of the first national companies to have received the first authorisations to exercise Occupational Health Medicine (currently No. 12) by the Directorate General of Health.

Key Factors

Highly Qualified Medical Team
Customer Service
State of the Art Technology
Experience and Know-how

We are an entity which is officially recognised by the General Directorate of Health, the Health Regulatory Agency amongst others. We are therefore required to be inspected and licensed by the most diverse entities, especially at three levels: qualified medical staff, equipment and technical conditions.

In recent years, we have experienced an increase in the volume of medical examinations in various business activity sectors. For this reason, we feel the need to continue investing on the modernization process within our Clinic. Thus, we invested in the computer area, where we currently have, for example, clinical management software, a dedicated in-house server, digital archive libraries and digital libraries to improve and ensure efficient document organization, more specifically, of all the patients clinical processes. Hence, being able to guarantee to the competent authorities and our customers the strictest criteria for data confidentiality.

The medical equipment has also been modernized and our team can count on professional electrocardiographs, computerized vision tracking equipment, state-of-the-art spirometer, duly certified audiometers and a series of new tools and instruments to support and aid our physicians in the fitness examinations.

In addition to these means, Ceniude has a network of partners whom provide a prompt and a high-quality response. An example of this is the Clinical Analysis laboratory, nationally and internationally duly certified, with which we can guarantee the fastest response times, without compromising quality. All laboratory procedures follow a strict sample criteria and tight controls. We also have other partners, selected according to strict quality and certification criteria, which allow us to respond to several areas, from the complementary means of diagnosis (x-ray, ultrasound, CAT scans, tuberculosis screening, etc.) to different clinical specialty appointments.
We currently have a multidisciplinary team of doctors specializing in Occupational Health Medicine, nurses, administrative and technical personnel and the respective management.

The English language was never, nor will be a barrier, we took measures to guarantee that within our team there is always staff fluent in English. Thus, and only in this way, we cannot only provide support to international clients, providing the utmost professional care within medical appointments in both languages Portuguese and English, but also in all the necessary technical translations.
It is only through arduous work, dedication and rigor, that we believe in constant quality improvement not only within the physical or laboratory tests, but in the necessary procedures to support our customers.

We are proud to offer personalized support to our clients in all our services, so that all the criteria required within the National, International legislation, companies’ specific requirements are met. Even upon the request for additional medical evaluations, vaccinations and other needs, we devote our time to supporting the candidates/workers.

In 2014 we were pioneers in Portugal as we were the first and only clinic, specialized and authorized in Occupational Health Medicine, with training of its clinical body and duly authorized by the UK Oil and Gas Industry Association, to assess physical fitness and the general health status of the its workers to perform their professional duties and/or emergency procedures in Oil and Gas production and exploration environments. Also, in the same year, we formalized a partnership with the United Kingdom’s P & I Club and we are currently the only clinic authorized by this entity. This world-renown entity operates with the world’s largest shipowners and promotes advanced medical fitness programs for seafarers. These programs require a high knowledge of maritime legislation and regulations within the STCW, MLC 2006 and the ILO / IMO framework guidelines.
We thoroughly believe that it is through rigor and quality that we will achieve success. Our goal is to achieve and provide a high-quality service and professional rigor, trying to meet our customers’ grand expectations.


Our Pillars

It is in Occupational Health Medicine that we invest, we opt for a personalized service based on the highest quality criteria for our clients.

We are highly specialized in marine medical examinations and for offshore workers, with highly qualified and authorized technical staff to perform these medical examinations.

We partner with laboratories, imaging centers and other nationwide specialized clinics to respond to the most demanding requests of our clients.