Online Verification of the Authenticity of Medical Certificates

The emergence in recent years of fraud cases within the issuing and sharing of medical certificates has created the need for Ceniude to seek a technological solution to guarantee the authenticity of its issued documents. The solution found was to include a unique and exclusive code in our medical certificates. These codes can be used on this page to directly search our certificate database.

This way, human resources managers, project managers or employers themselves can verify the authenticity of their workers’ Medical Fitness Certificates.
Another advantage for the certificate holder is the fact that the code can be shared with third parties to certify the authenticity and validity of the document. This saves time and resources in document analysis.

Only essential data is shown, the minimum required, to attest to the document’s validity and thus compliant with the Medical and Personal Data Protection Act.

Medical Certificate Search

Search the physical document for a highlighted code.
Enter the code in the search box below and click search. Enter the code in the search box below and click on search.